dimanche 17 janvier 2010

I need...

I need a holiday a vacation a minibreak you name it.

I need a long walk in the mountains, with a backpack, a tent and a big crusty loaf of bread wrapped in yesterday's newspaper, a hunk of cheese, one of those thick pale yellow Dutch cheeses, and lots of water.

I need the sound of rocks and pebbles rollicking down hill under my shoes, the smell of trees and soft crushed green grass, and the feel of bark against my cheek when I rest in the shade, swallowing my meal slowly, enjoying the sunset.

I need a night alone, under the stars, thinking of friends and fun times and all the wonderful things of the world. I'll hear strange noises and won't worry, because the air is thick and sweet and summery, and my heart is content.

And I need to go home with scratches all over my ankles, a bad sunburn on my nape, a few scribbles in my diary, a few underexposed pictures taken with my camera, stopping by at the newsagent in the station to get some chocolate for breakfast.

This summer, please.

3 commentaires:

  1. Montana's your perfect destination! :-)

  2. oh I agree - vacation... makes life possible

  3. I long for the same. Some quiet time with a book will suffice for now.