lundi 25 janvier 2010

Cambridge and London (snippets)

Hello Cambridge! you are so pretty. Let me take somber and depressing snapshots of you.

What can I say, I love food, and I love sweets, so instead of taking nice pictures of buildings, I took pictures of the fudge shop.

Cambridge, the Bridge of Sighs.

So I'm in the Eurostar station, coming home after a lot of work, and some fun too. I went to London to do library research in the Quaker library, which is amazingly quaint, filled with sweet and insane people doing research as well, and filled with the rythmic sound of people turning pages at the same time. The way I like it, baby. And in the evening I have nice dinners with friends who bore with my endless prattling. When you spend 7 hours a day writing, you feel loquacious, you really do. You also seem to think that your arcane subject is FASCINATING. I apologize to my friends, but that's what you risk when you get yourself an over-enthusiastic multitasker pal.

But it wasn't all work. I popped into Cambridge to spend the weekend with my friends N and Am, cuddled baby Sym, ate so much food (damn those triple chocolate butter Belgian biscuits from Sainsbury's) and slept. I needed a break. And my friends made me feel like a Wonderful Butter Biscuit of a Girl.

Those of you who've exchanged emails would have an inkling about why I like anything Holmes. Inside joke!

Can you tell I'm a bit frantic/happy? The internet connection here is prehistoric so expect more pictures at a later date. I'm crossing the Channel back to classes and WORKWORKWORK, but all in all, I feel regenerated. It's all in the fudge, really.

6 commentaires:

  1. For some reason, it didn't dawn on me that you'd already headed for London. Sounds like you had a nice balance of work and play! Love your pictures, and am just a tad curious about Holmes!

  2. You sound so happy and satisfied in your blog post. Must be the fudge and the friendship and the good findings in that library.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  3. I'm so happy to have Internet back and I can read your blogs again :)
    Os my dear, think about my last name, maybe?

  4. As always, it's such a pleasure to read your words. Incidentally, I received the most wonderful postcard in the mail yesterday. Thank you for making my day.

  5. Thanks Mr 13! I'm so glad the postcard came.