jeudi 21 mai 2009


X gave me a list (at my request) of stuff I did wrong, so I have an idea of patterns of behaviour I may not be able to perceive on my own. I agreed pretty much with everything, so I'm relieved I'm not entirely blind to my shortcomings.
I would never presume to reciprocate, so I'll write my own here, for my eyes only :)

_Sometimes needlessly cruel when frustrated by work or something else.
_Cannot/will not apply common rules of decorum and courtesy.
_Huge flirt. Ladies, do not go out with him if you cannot handle it.
_Bad at communicating when things go wrong.

_Funny as hell, sexy as hell.
_Loves music.
_Great conversationalist.
_Great traveller.
_Great lover.
_Cuddler above all.

In less saracentric news, my father is quitting the medication which gives him renewed energy. Meaning he will once again become ill and depressed.

Wishing him well.

Back to my usual schedule of unbridled optimism and loving irony.

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