mercredi 7 octobre 2009

David Bowie is my homeboy

This week hasn't been very high in excitement or merriment: it's been a slow burner, with long, tiring days, followed by short, harried nights. I've been slightly reckless in that respect, not sleeping quite enough, and avoiding meals altogether. Chocolate has been good to me.
But the rest of the week has great potential, I think.
Tomorrow I'm meeting someone to get on with a political blog project we have going on AND playing with the cousins AND partying with my sport buddies.
Friday will see my uncle from America come over have dinner with us.
Saturday is running club!
I can't say how bloody scared and exhilarated I am. I'm Magic Dancing with excitement here.
I've never run so far, and I'll probably never run so fast. So wish me luck and actual meals instead of scraps of food.
I hope I do well and that I'm not too tired. But hey, I'm 23! This is the time to shimmer, right?
I really need sleep.

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