samedi 20 juin 2009

I want it back

My life, that is.
I want my appetite back. I want my laughter back. I want everything that made me happy back. I can't believe how distraught I am by my breakup. I know we are done, I am not in denial, so why am I not moving on in my head?
I need help here. My friends are busy, my family is nice but I have bugged them enough. How can I go on with my oral exams in 5 days???


My grandmother is dying. She is old, so her cancer could kill her slowly, or fast. She was telling me how each day is precious. I should live like that.

I don't need X to live, but our love gave me so much strength, so much confidence in the world. His cleverness lit up my world. His smile made me melt with desire and trust. He pushed me harder than anyone...and hugged me longer than anyone.

I'm tired of all this pain. I want to heal, but I'm still in love, still miserable, still lost.
Is it normal to be this sad?

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  1. Hearts take a long time to heal, but read the link below to give yourself hope....