jeudi 5 août 2010


...How do you manage to have an office job and a family and hobbies? When do you sleep?

I'm working a normal 8h30-18h30 schedule at the office and it is killing me. I have to write all evening afterwards. I need at least an hour to quit feeling stressed.

How do you do with a family on top of that?

The levels of exhaustion must be insane.

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  1. You figure it out. Not quite the answer you are looking for, but you will start getting good at sorting the important from the unimportant. In my world, I manage my work time as carefully as I can. And many times, I shift my work hours to be earlier, so I have time at night. Ultimately, you have to define boundaries on your time - and stick to them. Long hours should be the exception not the rule. It's not easy, but it will happen.

    Hang in there!

    PS: Thanks for your comment the other day. I appreciate the support and kind words.