dimanche 15 novembre 2009

Disaster movies

I have lowbrow tastes.
Let me rephrase that: I love trashy movies. Especially disaster movies. The kind where a divorced father reclaims the love of his children by saving them during the apocalypse/an alien invasion/underwater monster attacks etc. The kind where strippers with a heart of gold rescue stray puppies or adorable little girls. The kind where you always have a black president/pilot/general/secretary of state to make up for the stereotypical wisecracking black single mother.

The kind where only American people matter, because although you always see CNN reporting on foreign countries the heroes are American and the American president always saves the day. I'd like to say here that Transformers 2 shows the Eiffel Tower being wrecked IN THE WRONG PART OF PARIS. Michael Bay? It's called research.

To complete my enjoyment, there must be many scenes in the Pentagon, with computers and giant screens showing trajectories. Someone picks up a phone and whispers impressively:"The President on line 1."

So 2012 should be right up my alley. Disaster movie directed by Roland Independance Day Emmerich. The world is destroyed because of a vicious Mayan prediction and unscientific science babble. RUN, people, RUN!

On the other hand, I went with my bestie M. to see a wonderful franco-russian movie called "Le Concert", about a bunch of Russian musicians who were fired from the Bolchoï under Brejnev who trick their way to Paris to play Tchaikovsky's violin concerto. It was broad comedy. Russians and Frenchies were painted with a heavy brush. It was about how music brings us together, a hokey message. However, it was moving and uplifting and funny.

So I won't go to see 2012, because I know the end and all the plot twists. But why not meld the genres? Here's to a disaster movie with loads of CGI about Russian musicians who save the world with a glorious soundtrack.

Can you imagine how wonderful that would be? And maybe Anna Netrebko could have a cameo and sing Puccini for the survivors.

4 commentaires:

  1. I'm a big fan of the trashy horror movie!

    I'll have to see if I can find that Russian musicians/world saving movie somewhere... :-P

    In response to your question--loaded it with mostly rock, a little country, and a smidgen of jazz. My iPod is strictly used for mindless listening, not real listening like classical. Besides, classical music is meant to be heard loudly, through a set of speakers that does it justice. Not the little ear buds!

  2. I think you would really enjoy planet terror. It’s a Robert Rodriguez film. There is gore, zombies, heroic Americans oh and a one legged stripper who replaces said leg with a machine gun.

    Good times.

  3. sqweakygurl: I loved that movie!!! and I hated the Tarantino flick that came with it, that's how lowbrow I am. :)

  4. @Sa

    HAHA! Planet terror had to grow on me, but I’ve been in love ever sense! I just finished Jennifer's body, which is totally bad and perplexing awesome! I think it fits at least half of your lowbrow requirements :D