dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Time to pretend

I've just finished my exams. Only two weeks before I get the results and move on for good. This school year will be wrapped up and forgotten like all the previous ones, and my heart will sometimes turn over itself when I remember the funny and the annoying, the trivial and the serious.
I'll probably have to return to Lyon a couple of times next year since my thesis supervisor will be there. I've been doing very well for the most part, watching lots of crap movies with my sister and trying to plan a fun travel summer, with amazing stops to Germany and Belgium, museums, exercise and delicious bretzels.

My ex is currently having a drink with my mother.

Seeing him in my house was strangely disruptive, so I'll blog a bit, forget a lot, and forget even more than a lot. Repeat and rinse, repeat and rinse.

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