mardi 19 octobre 2010


One of my colleagues doesn't like risotto...doesn't listen to any type of music...has been in Berlin for a year and hasn't visited a museum...thinks men should be "manly" and women should earn less so as to not scare prospective suitors worried that she is putting on weight and keeps talking about it, no matter how much you tell her to relax...

It's hard.

I think I'm not very tolerant because I so often want to brain her. It's because I'm a snob, right? The fact that she thinks Twilight is the most romantic book ever should not arouse any wrath, or should it?

Berlin is a city with three major opera houses, a million art galleries, lots and lots of beautiful streets, great theatres, innovative design. This is a place where things are happening on a large scale. And she could be living in the middle of nowhere. It's such a waste!

I'm a snob.

OK, what about this? She's going off for a six-month sabbatical with her BF to the other end of the world in 8 weeks and she hasn't cracked open a guide book? How can you be so passive?

I'm intolerant.

But she is driving me crazy and WHERE CAN I VENT? Not at the office because the sole topic is how often a week is too much argh argh don't want to go to work tomorrow.

I'll settle for this. Don't talk during the entire day. And I won't rant anymore.


4 commentaires:

  1. People like that bother me--they have such a limited world view, and yet they don't want to broaden it. It's sad, really.

  2. HERE is where you can vent! And keep it up!

  3. You should vent. That would drive me nutty too!

  4. Being passive is usually a sign that you haven't got a grip on your life yet. I used to be slightly passive too, back in the days. Poor girl, think of it that way!